French 3: Thursday February 28 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words pp. 198–201 four times, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains!

[10 minutes] Last skits! Trevor, Justice, Madisen!

[15 minutes] New Vocab Practice: CAH asks questions, students answer!

[20 minutes] New Verbs: apporter/emporter, amener/emmener

  • The a- verbs are "bring"; the e- verbs are "take."
  • The -men verbs are people; the -port verbs are things.
  • Practice with pp. 202–203 Exs. 31, 30 and 32
[30 minutes] Reading Practice!
  • Read poems on pp. 209–210
Les Devoirs: Write twelve sentences using apporter, amener, emporter, and emener (three for each verb)

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