French 2: Friday February 15 2013 Lesson Plan

Classes courtes!

DUE: Write Vocab List 9.1 four times! Don't forget Exprimons-nous and Entre copains!

[30 minutes] Vocabulary Practice! Écoutez et répétez!

{60 minutes} Work time for movie posters!

Les Devoirs: Les posters de film! Each student creates a poster including the following (all entirely in French!):
  1. Title
  2. Names of actors/actresses,
  3. Name of director
  4. "Critics' comments" (you can make these up!) that would entice people to see this movie
  5. Appropriate images.
See some classic French movie posters by Hervé Morvan!

Students should have the text for their posters ready to show me on Monday. Students should have their complete posters ready for Wednesday, Feb. 20, as well as a few words to say about those films!

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