French 1: Monday February 4 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Two things!
  1. Write questions and your answers to p. 157 Ex. 13.
  2. Write a question for each of the above seven question forms that you could logically ask another student in class. Be ready to use those questions in oral practice next time!
[5 minutes] -oir Verb Practice
  • Randomly assign savoir, pouvoir, vouloir, voir, and devoir.
  • Throw in faire to shake up brains!
  • Students put conjugation up on board!
  • CAH checks homework during this time
[15 minutes] Review last grammar quiz, on the -oir verbs

[30 minutes] Question Word Practice: qui, qu'est-ce que, est-ce qu, quand, comment, pourquoi, and
  • Students read p157 Ex13 aloud, check for right question words!
  • Students read me their original questions, I offer answers.
  • Then students pair up, ask each other their questions, offer answers; CAH/TA circulate, guide, correct.
[40 minutes] Vocab Practice
  • First CAH/TA ask, "Tu aimes..." plus one of the activities, one of the seasons, or one of them months. Students respond with, "Oui, j'aime... mais je préfère..." and another activity/season/month... or "Non, je n'aime pas.... Je préfère...."
  • Then face-to-face drill of all Vocab 5.1 and the -oir verbs!
Les Devoirs: rien... mais étudiez pour l'examen de vocabulaire 5.1!
  • Quiz qill include all activities, seasons, months, and other terms on pp. 150–153!
  • Quiz will include the five -oir verbs!
  • Quiz will also include the seven question words (p. 156)

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