French 2: Thursday February 7 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!

[5 minutes] Semester 2 Vocab Survey!
  • Democracy breaks out! CAH takes votes on which chapters we should cover next!
  • Students may vote for the chapters they want to do this semester and the order in which they want to do them by voting in this survey!
  • CAH takes votes through the end of the school day Monday, February 11.
  • CAH will choose the sequence of chapters we do for the rest of the semester based on the cumulative rank scores from this survey.
[20 minutes] Practice Oral Quiz!
  • Reflexive Passé Composé: What did you do last night/this morning?
  • Reflexive Imperative: commands! 
  • CAH practices with large group, then students circulate to practice with each other.
[35 minutes] Grammar Practice: Reflexive Imperatives/Commands (p. 176)
  • Practice rules for affirmative and negative reflexive commands.
  • Do pp. 176–177 in class, read sentences aloud.
[30 minutes] Du temps à travailler...

Les Devoirs: 
  1. Respond to each of the oral commands on the Chapter 5 Oral Quiz by saying (in French), "I already did that."
  2. Théâtre de l'imperatif réflexif absurde! Do it/Don't do it skits!
  • Compose a brief absurdist skit using reflexive commands:
    • 1: "Do A!"
    • 3: "Don't do A; do B!"
    • 1: "Don't do B; do C!"
    • 3: "Don't do C: do D!"
    • 1: "Don't do D; do E!"
    • 3: "Don't do E; do F!"
    • 1: "Don't do F!"
    • 2: "Hey, let's do G!"
    • 1 & 3: "O.K.!"
  • #2 acts out all of the commands given by #1 and #3.
  • #1 and #3 join #2 in doing what #2 suggests at the end.
  • You conduct this conversation in French, of course.
  • Prepare this skit to present in class next time!
  • No notes!

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