French 1: Monday February 25 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Six New Verbs!
  1. Write out conjugations for these six verbs (taken from the top 100 common French words list we've previously reviewed):
    1. suivre = "to follow; to take (a course)"
    2. prendre = "to take; to have (something to eat)"
    3. croire = "to believe"
    4. penser = "to think"
    5. laisser = "to leave" (as in "I am leaving a book on the table," not "I am leaving for New York!")
    6. donner = "to give"
  2. Translate the following sentences from English into French:
    1. Our teachers give lots of homework.
    2. We believe our brother's story [the French use the same word for story and history].
    3. The dog is following the cat to the beach.
    4. Hey! That girl is taking my bicycle!
    5. I think that (que) you have a great idea.
    6. We are giving bike helmets to the children.
    7. Do you believe the teacher?
    8. We're going to leave our skis in the car.
    9. Mom is going to have/take some coffee.
    10. The students just thought of the answer.
    11. We just left our guitars at the lake.
    12. I am taking (suivre!) a biology class.
[15 minutes] Oral Warm-up: Qu'est-ce que tu penses de....
  • Students circulate, ask each other what they think of a specific person or think. Students respond with "Je pense que...."
  • Students write the adjectives they use in responses on the board!
  • Ask at least six different students!
  • CAH checks homework during the circulation!
  • Then in large group, CAH asks each student Qu'est-ce que tu penses de....
[15 minutes] Conjugation Practice
  • Students put conjugations of these six verbs on board.
  • Students then practice conjugations orally: once able to look at examples, then a second pass with eyes closed! Memorize!
[20 minutes] Translation Practice
  • Students put today's homework sentences on board.
  • Then students go to sentences they didn't write and change subjects!
[40 minutes] In-Class Work Time!
  • By the end of the period, students must write 12 original sentences using the six verbs we are practicing here! donner, prendre, suivre, laisser, penser, croire!
  • Six of the sentences must start as follows:
    1. My uncles + donner....
    2. My brother and I + prendre....
    3. My sister and I + laisser....
    4. My aunts + suivre
    5. We + penser....
    6. You (pl) + croire....
  • To make the next six sentences, change the subject of each of the preceding sentences to a singular subject (i.e., just one person) and conjugate the verb appropriately.
  • Show CAH these sentences by the end of the period for points!
Finish all Chapter 5 oral quizzes!
  • White 2: Jordan
  • White 3: Seth, Zeph, Hanna, Skye, Corey
  • White 4: Cortny
  • Note that Spartan Time Tuesday is taken up with Advisory activities. You should plan to come in and make up your grammar quiz either today or Wednesday after school or during lunch today, Tuesday, or Wednesday!
Les Devoirs: rien! But study like crazy for a quiz Wednesday over the six verbs we worked on today: donner, prendre, suivre, laisser, penser, croire!

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