French 1: Tuesday February 12 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Text of slides for Travel slideshow!

Let's review those slideshow criteria:
Present a slideshow depicting your ideal travel itinerary for the year... tout en français!. Minimum six slides:
  1. First slide: Your name, plus a title.
  2. Second slide: Spring destination, weather, and two activities
  3. Third slide: Summer destination, weather, and two activities
  4. Fourth slide: Fall destination, weather, and two activities
  5. Fifth slide: Winter destination, weather, and two activities
  6. Sixth slide: Summary of trip
  • All slides must have images and French text (at least five words, but no more than ten)!
  • When you talk about talk about the weather and the activities you are going to do, phrase them in the futur proche (p. 166): e.g., for your summer trip, you may say, Il va faire beau. Nous allons aller à la plage (allons aller means "we're going to go")For your winter trip, you may say Il va neiger (note use of infinitive form neiger instead of conjugated for neige). Nous allons faire du snowboard.
  • DUE today, Feb. 12: text of slides.
  • DUE next time, Feb. 14: slides to present in class!

And in quiz news:
  1. Vocab Quiz 5.2: Tuesday, Feb. 19
  2. Chapter 5 Grammar Quiz: Thursday, Feb. 21
  3. Chapter 5 Oral Quiz: Thursday, Feb. 21
[15 minutes] Practice Chapter 5 Oral Quiz

[20 minutes] Grammar Practice: aller as motion and future tense!
  • Each student goes to board to write two sentences: tell us that we are going somewhere and that we are going to do something there (en français).
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • Then CAH shows how to put the weather phrases in future tense.
[20 minutes] New Verb: venir!
  1. venir can be used to mean "to come":
    • Robert vient à la fête. = Robert coming to the party.
    • Vous venez à la plage? = Are you coming to the beach?
  2. venir can also be used in a grammatical way to mean "something just happened": 
    • Je viens de jouer au foot = I just played soccer. 
    • Les viennent de finir leurs devoirs. = The girls just finished their homework.
[30 minutes] Lots of work time so CAH can help with slideshow text and homework

Les Devoirs:
  1. Finish your travel slideshows, be prepared to present Thursday
  2. Write 8 French mini-dialogues of this form:
    • "Are you going to do X?" (use aller + infinitive for futur proche!)
    • "I just did X." (use venir de + infinitive for passé récent!)
    • Each dialogue must use a different verb for "X" (chanter, étudier..., faire...).

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