French 3: Friday February 1 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Vocab 4.2 writing (each word/phrase four times!)

[25 minutes] Vocabulary Practice!

  • First, quiz the words orally with Q&A.
  • Next, do pp. 148–149 Exs. 23, 24, and 25 in pairs and out loud.
  • Think vocab quiz not next time, but time after!
[15 minutes] Grammar Check! Verb Practice!
  • Each student picks a verb, writes the ils/elles form of five tenses—present, past, imperfect, future, and conditional—on board!
[35 minutes] Reading/Translation Practice!
[5 minutes] Lacey does presentation!

Les Devoirs: Write a brief (at least five sentences) history of your life (including your future death!) using at least ten terms from Vocab 4.2! 
  • Highlight the vocab you use.
  • Be prepared to read these stories aloud for others to listen and translate.

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