French 3: Monday February 11 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Complete translation of one randomly assigned page (pp. 170–179)
  1. Students must read, transcribe, and translate their given page... in that order! First read it twice, silently then aloud. Then transcribe the French on the left half of a blank document. Then work up a translation of that text on the right half, trying to keep French-English translations side by side.
  2. Translate the words you know first; leave blanks for what you don't know, grind through that material with the dictionary after doing as much as you can with your own brain first.
  3. For Pete's sake, don't use Google Translate! Use the glossary, Larousse,, but no service where you type in entire sentences or paragraphs and get machine translations.
[20 minutes] Reading and Translating in pairs!
  • Students pair up, read each other their pages in French, then their translations, check each other's work!
  • CAH checks homework, answers questions during this time.
[40 minutes] Reading aloud! Students read their pages aloud, then their translations.

[10 minutes] Verb Practice: au tableau! Students practice our five verb tenses (present, past, imperfect, future, and conditional) with verbs of their choosing.

Les Devoirs: Write 15 original sentences using the verbs savoir, pouvoir, devoir, vouloir, and voir. Write the sentences in this order:
  • 3 in present
  • 3 in passé composé
  • 3 in imperfect
  • 3 in future
  • 3 in conditional

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