French 2: Chapter 5 Oral Quiz

Chapter 5 Oral Quiz! Wednesday, February 13!

On Wednesday, February 13, I will ask you one of these two questions:
  • Qu'est-ce que tu as fait hier soir? OR
  • Qu'est-ce que tu as fait ce matin?
You will answer by stating three things that you did, using vocab from Chapter 5. I will then ask a follow-up question to your response. I may ask whether you did another activity; I may ask what you did before or after what you mentioned; I may ask pourquoi? about the activities you mentioned. You need to answer in a complete sentence, not just oui or non.

I will then give you four commands based on the verbs in Chapter 5. You will respond not by speaking but by acting out the action commanded. Possible commands:
  1. lève-toi
  2. réveille-toi
  3. couche-toi
  4. endors-toi
  5. brosse-toi les dents
  6. brosse-toi les cheveux
  7. peigne-toi
  8. coiffe-toi
  9. habille-toi
  10. déshabille-toi (remember, mime it, don't actually do it!)
  11. lave-toi les mains
  12. lave-toi la figure
  13. lave-toi les cheveux
  14. sèche-toi
  15. sèche-toi les mains
  16. sèche-toi les cheveux
  17. sèche-toi les yeux*
  18. maquille-toi avec le rouge à levres
  19. rase-toi
  20. dépêche-toi
*Think about what I'm asking here!

You then ask me two questions—not ça va or comment tu t'appelles or anything else to which you already know the answer, but preferably questions related to Chapter 5 vocabulary. I will respond en français; you will prove you understand my response (probably by translating my statement back into English).

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