French 3: Wednesday February 13 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write 15 original sentences using the verbs savoir, pouvoir, devoir, vouloir, and voir. Write the sentences in this order:
  • 3 in present
  • 3 in passé composé
  • 3 in imperfect
  • 3 in future
  • 3 in conditional
[40 minutes] Verb Practice: au tableau! 
  • We'll go in five rounds: first savoir sentences, then pouvoir, devoir, vouloir, and voir
  • Divide board into five columns, one for each of the tenses!
  • CAH checks homework for completion during first round on board .
  • Then, practice quiz! CAH dictates five sentences in English, students translate into French, then five sentences in French into English.
[50 minutes] Reading aloud! Students read their pages aloud, then their translations.

DUE: rien! mais étudiez comme fou pour l'examen de grammaire:
  1. Be able to conjugate any verb I give you in the five tenses: préesent, passé composé inparfait, futur simple, et conditionnel!
  2. Be able to translate sentences from English to French and French to English, recognizing proper verb tense.

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